"The heart is a wealth that is not sold and is not bought, it is donated" G. Flaubert




The excursions proposed inside of Friuli Venezia Giulia Region are:



TOUR 1: In the middle of our region "the capital of Friuli region" Udine 

               and the "Longobards city" Cividale



UDINE is an elegant and convivial town with ancient palaces and squares with Venetian charm, such as piazza della libertà considered "the most beautiful Venetian square on the mainland" or Piazza Matteotti, all surrounded by arcades that looks like an open-air living room.

On the hill of the city stands the castle from which you can see the roofs of the city, the mountains that surround it and the Adriatic Sea.

Udine in the eighteenth century was the city of Giambattista Tiepolo and today you can admire his masterpieces in the Gallerie del Tiepolo (Palazzo Patriarcale), in the Duomo and in the Church of the Purità.

Piaz   Although open to innovations, it maintains authentic taverns where we continue to celebrate the ritual of tajut, that is, the tasting of a glass of good wine to do with friends.

Its most important monuments are Piazza della Libertà, the Loggia del Lionello (Palazzo Comunale), the Castle, the Duomo, the Porticato of San Giovanni.



CIVIDALE is a treasure chest of precious treasures. Its origins are lost in prehistory, it was called Forum Julii at the time of the Romans, in honor of Julius Caesar, later became the first seat of a Longobard Duchy. After the decadence of Aquileia, Cividale became the most important Patriarchal residence.

The city preserves significant Lombard testimonies, first of all the Tempietto, one of the most extraordinary and mysterious western high-medieval architecture. Other treasures are kept in the two city museums.



In 2012 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

To visit are the little Lombard temple, the Celtic Hypogeum, the Devil's Bridge, San Giovanni d'Antro and the two Museums.

The cost of the tour is € 40.00 per person and includes:

- Transport

- The lunch

- The guided tour

The departure from the Village will be at 9, the return is scheduled before 17.



TOUR 2: In the lands of roman time "the starry city" Palmanova and

               "harbor of the Roman empire" Aquileia


PALMANOVA was built in 1593 by the Republic of Venice, to defend itself from the Turks, and strengthened by Napoleon, Palmanova is a city-fortress preserved in extraordinary conditions.



With its plant shaped like a perfect nine-pointed star, the monumental entrance doors and the three circles of fortifications, Palmanova is at the same time a model of an ideal Renaissance city and an example of military architecture capable of highlighting the technical evolution of the science of fortifications throughout the modern age. The Piazza Grande, a large parade ground located exactly in the middle of the fortress, houses the permanent exhibition "Tools and artificial machines to build the fortress of Palma" which reproduces in full size some of the machines used for the construction of Palmanova.

Since 1960 it has been a National Monument and since 2017 it has become part of the UNESCO heritage.

AQUILEIA has an archaeological area of exceptional importance, considered a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Colonized in 181 A.C. in "agro gallorum" it was a bridgehead for the Roman conquest of the Danubian areas and to increase the flourishing trade with the transalpine countries.

The excavations have brought to light remains of the Roman forum and of a basilica, of the burial ground, of mosaic floors, foundations of houses, statues of the Via Sacra, markets, walls, the river port, a large mausoleum and other.


The splendid Basilica was built on a fourth-century building, on which various enlargements were made in the following centuries, partly destroyed by barbarian invasions. In the temple you can admire the famous early Christian mosaics (4th century) which constitute a fundamental stage in the history of Italian art.

Also you can admire a majestic 73-meter bell tower built around the year 1000 that also offers the opportunity to see a breathtaking view.

Of great importance are also the frescos from the 9th century crypt and the excavation crypt built in the 4th century.


The cost of the tour is € 40.00 per person and includes:

- Transport

- The lunch

- Entrance and guided tour of the Basilica and the Baptistery of Aquileia.

The departure from the Village will be at 9, the return is scheduled before 17.




TOUR 3: Renaissance villas Villa Manin and typical food

               Codroipo with wine and cheese


VILLA MANIN is located near Codroipo and is a magnificent and harmonious complex built in the sixteenth century. With its 8500 square meters of halls, corridors, frescoes, historic buildings, the Chapel of Sant'Andrea and the 18-hectare English landscape park, it is one of the largest villas in Italy. It was the prestigious residence of the noble Manin, including Ludovico, the last Doge of the Venetian Republic.

As well as a valuable architectural work, the Villa is important for the eighteenth-century works of art that it preserves. It is enriched with frescoes by Ludovico Dorigny, Jacopo Amigoni and Piero Oretti. From Ludovico Dorigny we can admire the Triumph of Spring, and the Allegories of Love, of Glory, of Wealth and of Abundance.



CODROIPO is located in a central area of the Friulian plain and offers the opportunity to taste the many regional specialties, such as the famous San Daniele ham, the Cjarsons (similar to agnolotti, but with a strong contrast between sweet and savory), the cheese carnico stravecchio , the Jota (vegetable soup and flour flavored with turnips left for a month to macerate in wine), the Paparot (spinach soup mixed with different types of flour), Frico (a mixture of low-fat cheese and browned carnico cheese with potatoes and onion), and the Gubbana which is the typical dessert of Friuli and also the famous wines of Lison, Collio and the oriental hills to finish with the grappa from Friuli.

And it is in Codroipo that our gastronomic tour will take place.

The cost of the tour is € 40.00 per person and includes:

- Transport

- The lunch

- Entrance and guided tour of Villa Manin.

The departure from the Village will be at 9, the return is scheduled before 17.




Tour Scheduling:


On Day 2 - Tuesday 12.06.2018: Tour 1 + Tour 2

On Day 3 - Wednesday 13.06.2018: Tour 2 + Tour 3

On Day 4 - Thursday 14.06.2018: Tour 3 + Tour 1