"The heart is a wealth that is not sold and is not bought, it is donated" G. Flaubert


Heart and Lung Transplantation in Europe and in Italy

 In the next 3 slides, the average number of organ donors, heart transplants and lung transplants has been reported in various European countries (p.m.p. Year 2015):


 The following slide shows the number of heart transplants performed annually in Italy from 1992 to 2016 (partial data at 31 March 2017)


The following 2 images show in detail the numbers of heart and lung transplants carried out in 2016 for each Italian transplantation center. 





 In this last slide you can see a summary of the experience of the transplant at the Udine hospital, dating back to 1985 (year of inception of the activity) to this day (here transplantation was carried out in total more than 550 transplants of heart).