"The heart is a wealth that is not sold and is not bought, it is donated" G. Flaubert




Italy is proud to invite you to the 17th European Games

for Transplanted Heart and Lungs that will be held in Italy,

in Lignano Sabbiadoro (UD), from 11 to 16 June 2018.

The games are open to all the transplanted heart, lung and heart lung.

The Championships are a sporting event that includes various

different disciplines and are open to transplanted athletes of any age.

Most sporting events will be held inside

of the Villaggio BellaItalia (formerly GeTur) of Lignano Sabbiadoro or

however, a short distance from the same.

Lignano Sabbiadoro

is an Italian municipality of 7,000 inhabitants, of the

Friuli Venezia Giulia region, bathed by the Adriatic Sea.

It is one of the most famous and tourist seaside resorts

of Italy and is awarded the Blue Flag.




The sports present at the Games are:

Cross country
Table Tennis


Age categories


Junior (fino a 17)
Adults (18–34)
Seniors (35–44)
Veterans (45–54)
Super Veterans (55–59)
Old boys and girls (60–64)
Super Old boys and girls (65–69)
Very special Old Person (70+)




  • without accommodation includes: lunch + dinner and games pass for the days from Monday 11th to Friday 15th June


  • with accommodation includes: full board, arrival 11/6, departure 16/6 (5 nights, 6 days) with games pass and beach place included.


Type Cost
Extra Night
Athletes and supporters (>17 years) without accommodation
Athletes and supporters (> 17 years) in 2-bed room €450 €65
Athletes and supporters (> 17 years) in single room €575 €90
Athletes and supporters (> 17 years) in 3-bed room
€425 €60
Athletes and supporters (> 17 years) in 4-bed room €425 €60
Athletes and supporters (> 17 years) in 5-bed room €400 €55
Athletes and supporters (< 17 years) - only with adults €250 €50
Supporters (< 4 years) only with adults
€0 €0




You must pre-register as an athlete, as a supporter or as a team manager. Pre-registration will start from 18 January 2018 and will close on 20 March 2018. Pre-registrations received after the expiry date will not be accepted. For no reason. To make the pre-registration you must connect to https://www.lignano2018-ehltc.org/index.php/en/registration-eng.The pre-registrations must be validated by the team manager of their own Country, who will verify through the personalized connection to the database referring to their own country the truth of the data entered and check the correct registration for sports competitions and only later will they be accepted by the LOC. Pre-registrations from a Country that is not a member of the EHLTF will be verified and eventually validated directly from the LOC of Lignano 2018.

Medical Form

It is mandatory to submit the medical form, for all transplanted athletes, who wish to participate in sports competitions. This form must have been produced no sooner than 8 weeks before the start of the Games and sent to the LOC within 2 weeks before the event. Be signed by the athlete himself and by the hospital doctor who follows the transplanted athlete, certifying his physical ability to participate in the competitions. So it must be sent to your team manager and you will need to bring it with you during the Games in Lignano.
Participation in sports competitions will be prevented if LOC does not receive the medical form or if some key information is missing. The Lignano 2018 medical team has the right to cancel or prevent the participation of an athlete in the championships at any time, before or during the Championships, if the health of the athletes is at risk


All pre-registrations received from an EHLTF member country must be validated by the team manager. If this does not happen, the pre-registration will be rejected. In the event that the pre-registration is validated, payment must be made to your National Association, respecting these deadlines:

     - 50% by April 10, 2018;
     - The remaining 50% (balance) no later than 30 April 2018.

All pre-registrations from countries that are not members of the EHLTF will be verified, and eventually validated, directly from the LOC. The payments relating to these pre-registrations, once validated by the LOC, must be paid directly to the Lignano 2018 Committee, according to the same procedures.

Payment information

The team managers will have to pay the payments received from their members, respecting the expiry dates above, at these extremes. The same must be done by participants from countries not members of the EHLTF.


Name of claimant Associazione CardioTrapiantati Italiani sez. Friuli Venezia Giulia Indirizzo via Marzona, 2 33100 Udine - Italia - C.F. 94085870304
Name of Bank BANCATER Credito Cooperativo FVG
IT 91 L 0863164121000000331294
BIC Code
Address of bank Piazza Julia, 45 33050 Pozzuolo del Friuli (UD) ITALIA
Currency of account

Payments must include all bank charges of the payer and the recipient.

All payments must be in Euro.



Any communication of cancellation must be received at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. indicating the reasons.

The cancellation will be completely free (100% refund) if it is received before 11 May 2018.
In the event that it is received by 21 May 2018, it will be reimbursed at 50%.
In the event that it is received after May 21st, no reimbursement is foreseen.
Even if later than May 21st, the cancellations must be communicated to the LOC.

Accommodation & transportation


You can find the most up-to-date information on accommodation, transportation, etc. connected to the Lignano 2018 website: https://www.lignano2018-ehltc.org/




The duration of the tours will be from 9.00 (departure) to 4.30 pm (arrival).

Lunch will be included in the fee.

For organizational reasons, the tours will be carried out with a minimum participation of 50 people.


Information for team managers


Team managers must be indicated by the various federations and communicated to LOC This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and for information to the European Presidency.

Then they will have to register for the Games, using the appropriate online form (see pre-registration).

The tasks of the Team Managers before the championships are:

Distribute the invitations to the Games to all members of their Association, along with all the information and guides contained in this document, such as pre-registration, sports, and information regarding the form doctor.

Check the pre-registration of its members, accessing the site and following the procedure that will be sent to each team manager.

Confirm (or reject) pre-registration.

Collect and deposit all payments of its members.

Pay all deposits on time and verify the correctness of payments.

Send as soon as possible the medical forms received from its members, after verifying the correctness of the data and the completeness of the same. Check also the presence of the signature, both from the athlete and from the doctor of the hospital of the transplanted


Tentative Program


Day 1 - Monday 11.06.2018
Opening Ceremony

Day 2 - Tuesday 12.06.2018
Tennis Table
Cross Country (4 Km)
Golf (training)
Tour 1 (Udine - Cividale del Friuli)
Tour 2 (Palmanova - Aquileia)

Day 3 - Wednesday 13.06.2018
Tour 2 (Palmanova - Aquileia)
Tour 3 (Villa Manin - Codroipo - Museo del Vino)

Day 4 - Thursday 14.06.2018
Cycling (20 Km)
Tour 3 (Villa Manin - Codroipo - Museo del Vino)
Tour 1 (Udine - Cividale del Friuli)
Circle of Life

Day 5 - Friday 15.06.2018
Closing Ceremony & Gala Dinner

Day 6 - Sabato 16.06.2018

This is Tentative program of the championships, L.O.C. reserves the right to modify the program in case of problems and to communicate it promptly.








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