"The heart is a wealth that is not sold and is not bought, it is donated" G. Flaubert



In this edition of the Games, in Lignano 2018, we will have the good fortune to host a friend who celebrates 30 years of transplantation in this year.

We took the opportunity to ask him some questions, then we will know him better in Lignano.

His name is Gunter Berlesreiter and some of you will have already known him in some previous edition. We wanted to get a little bit into his world and understand how he is living this goal achieved. That's why we asked him some questions.



1)The transplant waiting period could be wearing and distressing, especially if it is long. Which resources are been more useful for you to tolerate heart waiting?


My waiting period was only 6 weeks. It was a short but very difficult time. I always knew it would turn out well and I never have lost the faith.



2) A lot of patients describe their heart transplant as a second possibility, do you agree with them? Do you believe that your are coping with your “new life” in a different way?


The heart transplant was the only way to have a second life (a good second life). Yes, I live by all means more conscious, sporty and enjoy life




3) The “donation” topic is very delicate because who receives starts a new beginning, but in the other side there is the dramatic end of a life. Is it been difficult for you to match these two opposite aspects? Living with an other heart is been the spur to honour the donation or is it been difficult consider the hear as your part?


I am aware that a person has died, but not because of me! I was lucky enough to get an organ from this person.


4) You are one of the longest transplanted in the World, so you are a lodestar for most of us…. Which are the ingredients of your successful goal?


I listen to my body, go to the controls and take my medication on a regular basis. I live a normal, healthy life. Love the sport, the music and everything that is beautiful.



5) The relationship with the donor is delicate and personal, because he becames a part of you and you are so grateful to him, but in the same time he is a stranger; how do you cope with this ambivalence? Did you try to know something about your donor? What do you think about this?


I've never tried to find out about the donor, and it's a good thing. I have a very good and happy life and I am grateful to him every day. For me, it is no longer a strange heart, it is MY heart and at the same time OUR heart.


T H A N K   Y O U   V E R Y   M U C H !!!




If you want to cheer for him, come to Lignano,

Gunter will participate with the race number 519 !!


See you in Lignano!